Monthly Wisdom/ Something productive to think about…


Welcome to 2015. I wish you all the very best year possible. I pray that things work out in the favor you would like for them to work out in and that you can successfully set up new beginnings for yourself, if necessary. I pray that you are able to walk away from things that you have outgrown in an effort to embrace things that will encourage and support growth. I pray that you all recognize that this is a new year with new things to strive for, new goals to make, new opportunities to open the doors for, new people to meet, new bridges to cross, new chances to take (safe ones, of course) and I pray that you do so. Also, I pray that each of us give God more time, thought, and consideration than we claimed we were able to give last year. That’s for our best interest; not his, btw… Take Care and be blessed.


   Topic is courtesy of : The Beginning of year 2015

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