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TRUE STORY: Sometimes it seems as if we know what will be good for our lives and most of the time this logic turns out to be incorrect. For those of us who belong to God, our lives have been saved by the death of God’s one and only begotten son, Jesus. This means, our lives no longer belong to us (never did). It is to be used for the purposes God has planned for it. Fulfilling these purposes are not without difficulties because we live on earth amongst many distractions and influences. However, the key to understanding God ideas is to understand that he must be a part of your life. This means, you must understand that Jesus’ sacrificial atonement is the reason you are alive and is also the reason you are able to be used for his purposes. However, in order to fulfill those purposes you must keep your eyes on God opposed to the ways of the world. It’s not always easy and I can attest to that, but nothing worth having is easy to attain. Take care of yourself…    Topic is courtesy of : January 21, 2013- Weekly Wisdom from Christ Notes

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