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I’m the Child

I am aware that I’m small and I whine and cry in substitution for actual words.

However, your lack of patience and inexperience is causing my fussing to expand beyond the parameters of a child’s cry, which is absurd.

You are handling me rough, tossing and dropping things, yelling and using words that are causing my aggravation to escalate.

There are only three things to consider, so consider those please: Then, take a break.

Postpartum Depression, you say:

Pardon me, but this come with the territory of having a child.

I cannot walk, talk, or assist you; therefore, change me, feed me, or put me to sleep and then “Grow up” because I am the child.


“I’m the Child” explores the topic of adjusting, which is to change so as to fit. It gives insight into the pressure and demands of parenting. It briefly touches on the overwhelming feeling of being consumed with the non-stop demands of child-rearing. It goes on to offer the three common considerations while caring for an infant child. Parenthood is defined as any organism in relation to its offspring. Adjusting is defined as to change so as to fit or to adapt oneself.

  Love yourself, take care of yourself… Like no one else will #Self- Preservation…#Stay awake/stay focus…